Sunday, December 22, 2013


 I had a great time taking this class and I have learned a lot especially never never to skew the picture. lol  There were times I wanted to delete CS2 but I'm glad I stuck it out. Good luck to everyone!

New Albertus Magnus Logo-2 letter form
first letter form try

first stamp try-Johnny Cash

2nd Stamp Try-Marlon Brando

Copy Swiss Poster 1
Swiss Poster style
Copy Swiss Poster 2

Bruno Mars Cd Back Cover
Bruno Mars Front CD cover

Book Cover- The Cat in the Hat

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Cover with new dimensions

Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is one of the most famous American graphic designers. His iconic logos have become an American trademark. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy. He is a creative genius when it comes to posters and prints. His artwork has become the permanent collection of several museums and his exhibits featured worldwide. He is an influential figure in the field of design and education communities and has written several books and essays and on the topic. In 2004 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, for his contribution to the contemporary practice of design.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Graphic Artist Review- Martin Majoor / James Victore / Hugh Syme

Martin Majoor  is a Dutch type designer and graphic designer.

In 1988 Majoor started working as a graphic designer for the Vredenburg Music Centre in Utrecht. The design d├ępartement of this concert hall was one of the first in the Netherlands to use an Apple Macintosh computer for its printed matter. The fact that there were only 16 typefaces available without features like old style figures, small caps and ligatures, made Majoor decide to make his own typeface. The result was Scala, one of the first Macintosh fonts with all these missing features.

In 1991 he was asked by Erik Spiekermann of FontShop International in Berlin to release FF Scala as its first serious text face in the FontFont Library. In 1993 FF Scala was augmented with a sans-serif version, FF Scala Sans. The sans and the serif versions complement each other, they follow the same principle of form but are two distinct designs. Both FF Scala and FF Scala Sans have become successful throughout the world.

In 1996 Majoor designed FF Scala Jewels, a quartet of classic decorative typefaces based on the capitals of FF Scala Bold. In 1998 the Scala family was augmented with 13 new versions, such as Scala Sans Light, Scala Sans Black and several condensed versions. FF Scala Hands contains several printer’s fists or manicules, based upon a design by Bruce Rogers from 1933.

James Victore  

James Victore is an author, designer, activist, artist and firestarter who teaches creatives how to illuminate their individual gifts in order to achieve personal greatness. Described as “part Darth Vader, part Yoda,” James is widely known for his timely wisdom and impassioned views about design and it’s place in the world. He reaches thousands online with his weekly video series and leads game-changing workshops and seminars that help creative types of all spheres live and work successfully. At the helm of his independently run design studio, James continually strives to make work that is sexy, strong and memorable; work that tows the line between the sacred and the profane.
   James’ work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide. His clients include Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Moet & Chandon, Yohji Yamamoto and The City of New York. His work was published in a monograph titled, Victore who died and made you boss?  Victore teaches at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He lives, loves and works in Brooklyn.


Hugh Syme is a Canadian graphic artist who well known for his album cover concepts. He also moonlights as a musician. His long list of clients include Geffen Records, EMI Records, Mercury Records, RCA Records, Capital Records and Sony Music. Syme is notably responsible for all of Rush's album cover art since 1975's Caress of Steel as well as creating Rush's famous Starman logo. In 1983 he told Jeffrey Morgan that he never imagined the band would use it as their main logo.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CD Cover

I thought this would be a fun made-up book. The outer panels are the book cover flaps for the inside.

Storm Thorgerson

Storm Elvin Thorgerson was an English graphic designer, best known for his work for rock artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Europe, Catherine Wheel, Bruce Dickinson, Dream Theater, The Cranberries, The Mars Volta, Muse and Biffy Clyro. In 1968 along with Aubrey Powell he founded the graphic art group Hipgnosis, and between them they designed many famous single and album covers. Thorgerson's most famous designs are those for Pink Floyd. His design for The Dark Side of the Moon has been called one of the greatest album covers of all time. Many of Storm Thorgerson's designs are notable for their surreal elements. He often places objects out of their traditional contexts, especially with vast spaces around them, to give them an awkward appearance while highlighting their beauty. In 2013, Prog Magazine renamed its Grand Design Award after Thorgerson. It is now known as the Storm Thorgerson Grand Design Award and will be given to the designer of the year's best-packaged product. Thorgerson had won the 2012 award for his continued work with Pink Floyd.


Book Cover

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Skewed and not....

Just to show the original picture next to the skewed version of it... There are other options to get the picture to work for the back cover... one could lay the type over the actor's back as well as the sky/beach... Since the values in the image are light, it would have looked fine... but skewing an image (or type for that matter) is a big error....

Just in Time for the Holidays !!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Baron Barrymore Halpenny

Baron Barrymore Halpenny is a commercial artist, illustrator and cartoonist who was born in Lincolnshire, England, however he was raised in Abruzzo, Italy. He is mostly known for his book cover illustrations for the series Ghost Stations which was written by his father. He is also known for creating the art form “shaftism”. While in the Mediterranean he was inspired by the hypnotic effects of the shafts of light that danced across the night sky. It was then that he came up with this new art form where he took black canvases and painted with shafts of color, hence “shaftism” was born.

Graphic designer review - Julian House, Neville Brody, Shigeo Fukuda

Julian House

Julian is a Graphic Designer, musician, and co-owner of Ghost Box Music record label. House is most commonly known for his album cover designs for music groups, Oasis, The Prodigy and Razorlight. His art usually uses a collage base format that draws heavily on record sleeve design and comic book art. His art has a pulp influence and other artist and writers Peter Saville, Saul Bass and Max Ernst to William S. Burroughs, Bryon Gysin, H. P. Lovecraft, and Lewis Carroll.  House releases music under the alias The Focus Group on the label Ghost Box Music, which he is co-founder of with Jim Jupp.

Neville Brody

Neville is an English graphic Designer, Typographer, and Album designer. He has founded the company for research studios and Fontworks. He has recently been appointed the new head of the Communication Art & Design department at the Royal College of Art. During the late 70’s Brody attended College as was recognized for his work until his fondness of Punk Rock almost had him expelled from school for putting the Queen of England head sideways on a stamp design. In spite of the postage stamp episode, Brody was not only motivated by the energies of punk. His first-year thesis had been based around a comparison between Dadaism and pop art. Initially working in record cover design, Brody made his name largely popular through his revolutionary work as Art Director for The Face magazine when it was first published in 1980. Brody has pushed the boundaries of visual communication in all media through his experimental and challenging work, and continues to extend the visual languages we use through his exploratory creative expression.

Shigeo Fukuda

Shigeo was a Japanese sculptor, graphic artist and poster designer who specialized in optical illusions. Shigeo was born in japan and he studied the Swiss style of graphic design at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. His commercial work included his creation of the official poster for the 1970 World's Fair in Osaka. A 1980 poster created for Amnesty International features a clenched fist interwoven with barbed wire, with the letter "S" in the word "Amnesty" at the top of the poster formed from a linked shackle. In 1987, Fukuda was inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in New York City, which described him as "Japan's consummate visual communicator", making him the first Japanese designer chosen for this recognition.


Book Cover

Edit of Bruno Mars back cover

Book Cover Project

Walter Landor

Walter Landor was a brand design legend and the founder of Landor Associates. He was an acclaimed designer and a pioneer of branding and consumer research techniques widely used to this day. Landor Associates, the company he founded in 1941, has offices around the world. "Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind," Walter Landor memorably stated. He had a particular gift for creating designs with broad popular appeal, such as the Coca-Cola script. Brands as diverse as General Electric, Japan Airlines, Levi Strauss, and Shell Oil all benefited from his vision. His work included brands like Del Monte, Marlboro, Fujifilm, Tab and Bank of America. He also designed the corporate identities for many airlines, including Alitalia, British Airways, Garuda Indonesia, Japan Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Singapore Airlines.